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Talking the Talk: How to Build Science Vocabulary

Talking the Talk: Building Vocabulary in Science “Science is a foreign language for everyone.”  If you’ve been to training with us before, you have probably heard me say this line. We talk a lot about working with English learners and what is needed to help with language acquisition in the classroom. We want our ELs […]

How To Make Your Notes More Interactive

We have all lived through classes where our teacher/professor lectured on and on and we wrote notes until our hands fell off, right? (Confession: I may have even been that teacher some days) Then following these epic lectures, we had to go home and teach ourselves the content that we missed while doing all that […]

How to Know What They Know: Using Student Response Cards

We all know the sinking feeling that comes when you’re grading student work and realize that they don’t really understand the topic you just finished. You wonder how this could have happened. You did all the things. There were labs and hands-on activities and fancy notes pages and a gorgeous set of slides to help […]