Going Beyond Average: Rethinking Gifted Services in Advanced Academics


Regardless of school size and resources, advanced and gifted students can and should thrive.  The trick lies in the design of program. Too many advanced, dual credit, honors, G/T, pre-AP, AP, and ACT/SAT prep classes are designed to fit the “average” student and focus on students’ weaknesses. In this session, we will examine why academic environments designed on the average hinder student potential where a students’ talents become a liability leading them to become bored and underchallenged. 



In this session, participants will:

       Explore instructional strategies in analytical, critical, and creative thinking

       Examine effective academic environments for the gifted

       Consider options to redesign current gifted services


One 6-hour OR two 3-hour sessions

Up to 50 participants

We provide all training materials  and a review booklet for each participant.