Teacher Appreciation Week

For all our teacher friends out there, know that we think that you are the real MVPs, especially in this current climate! You have been one of the few steady constants in young people’s lives during a global pandemic. Thanks for all you do to teach your content and make kids of all sizes feel safe, as you soldier on being a positive force in the world! WE APPRECIATE YOU!!

We are giving away some freebies to show our appreciation. Click on the images below to download them into Google Drive. Both of these resources are set up to be used as Google Slides during distance learning. Of course, they can also be printed if you need hard copies.

The Sum-It-Up Graphic Organizer is intended to help your students be active readers. They are asked to do multiple tasks to help them better understand what they are reading. I love websites like ReadWorks.org and Newsela to find free reading for students on a variety of topics and reading levels. ReadWorks will even read it to your students by just hitting the play button on the top of the article. They even have a feature called StepReads on some articles that offers you the same article differentiated for multiple reading levels.

Our second freebie is a Venn Diagram Template for Google Slides. It is set up so that you can just type your content into the diagram and the cards on the right. Then students would be able to drag and drop the cards where they belong on the diagram. This is perfect for helping students differentiate between two topics, such as cells vs. viruses, renewable vs. non-renewable energy, etc. 

This is just a tiny expression of the large amount of gratitude we have for each of you! Keep being awesome, and we hope these resources help you in some small way! 

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