Show Me Something Different: Using Depth and Complexity to Differentiate Instruction


“Differentiation” is a common buzzword word in education, but the problem is that the word is defined similarly, but not the same, in schools. The concept also conflicts with the “one-size-fits-all” approach in many classrooms. The reality is that if students are not challenged to think in deep, complex, and meaningful ways that complement individual strengths and weaknesses, they begin to equate smart with easy, and begin to resist challenges and hard work.  


In this session, we will review the elements of depth and complexity, noting how they are used to increase student expectations, teacher support, and quality products and performances. Finally, we will explore how depth and complexity can be used as a tool to individualize instruction. 


One 6-hour OR two 3-hour sessions

Up to 50 participants

We provide all training materials and a handout for each participant.