Promoting Visual Literacy in the Science Classroom


Our students live in a world that is saturated with visual images. Being able to analyze and interpret photos, diagrams, graphs, illustrations, and other visuals is critical to students’ understanding of the world around them. In this session, participants will learn practical strategies to empower our students to actively analyze and create images to deepen their understanding of science content. Participants will receive practical strategies and ready-to-use activities to boost visual literacy skills.


In this session, participants will:

  • Consider the research related to the significance and best practices for improving visual literacy
  • –Experience strategies and tools to promote visual literacy in the  science classroom
  • Reflect on how to implement tools and practices to improve visual literacy skills in our students


6-hour or 3-hour session

Up to 50 participants per session

We provide all training materials and a booklet for each participant. Each attendee will also receive a digital download of all resources used in training with a single-teacher license to use the materials with their students.