Integrating Literacy in the Science Classroom with Active Reading


We know that reading comprehension is a critical skill in understanding science content, but how can we help develop literacy skills as science teachers? With upcoming changes to STAAR, students’ ability to read critically and write about science topics becomes even more important. In this session, we will look at ways to provide students with intentional scaffolding and reading support without sacrificing time for science content. In this session, we share engaging, practical strategies and digital/printable resources that model mindful development of literacy skills for all.


In this session, participants will:

  • Consider research related to improving reading comprehension with active reading strategies
  • Experience strategies and tools to promote literacy in the science classroom
  • Reflect on how to implement tools and practices to improve literacy skills in our students


6-hour or 3-hour session

Up to 50 participants per session

We provide all training materials and a booklet for each participant. Each attendee will also receive a digital download of all resources used in training with a single-teacher license to use the materials with their students.