Building Critical Thinking Classrooms


How can we encourage all of our students to think deeper and more critically? Asking good questions, analyzing information, and drawing conclusions are crucial skills for success in the science classroom. In addition, cultivating strong reasoning skills is so important for 21st century learners. Participants in this session will engage in practical, ready-to-use strategies to promote critical thinking for all students. 


In this session, participants will:

  • Explore characteristics of classrooms where students consistently and effectively use critical thinking.
  • –Learn new strategies and tools to help boost thinking skills in our classrooms.
  • –Reflect on current classroom practices; set goals and plan ways to strengthen practices that foster critical thinking skills in our classrooms.


6-hour or 3-hour session

Up to 50 participants per session

We provide all training materials and a booklet for each participant. Each attendee will also receive a digital download of all resources used in training with a single-teacher license to use the materials with their students.