30-Hour gifted and talented workshop series


Giftedness traditionally has been defined as achievement or potential for achievement, and we differentiate our classrooms accordingly; however, there are distinguishing characteristics across the gifted spectrum that sometimes impede student learning.

The 30-Hour Gifted and Talented Workshop Series is designed to qualify participants to work with G/T students as outlined in the Texas State Plan for Gifted Education. This workshop series will focus on understanding the traits of gifted students so we can improve their learning and socialization and discover better ways to support, motivate, and respond to their social, emotional, and academic needs.


Over this course of this workshop series, participants will learn:

1. G/T definitions, traits, aptitudes, and behaviors

2. State requirements and various procedures and instruments used for identifying gifted students

3. Principles of differentiation for a gifted classroom

4. How to differentiate EVERY lesson so that gifted and high-ability students are challenged

5. Instructional strategies in analytical, critical, and creative thinking

6. Questioning strategies

7. Brain-based learning strategies and experiential activities that teach students the way the brain learns


Offered in 6-hour sessions

Up to 50 participants per session; can be content-specific or cross-curricular audience

We provide all training materials and handouts.